The most important that we, as an enterprise, can give to the society is our time, commitment and experience. Money is important but it is not enough.

We are convinced that as a stable and responsible business we have commitments also to the environment in which we operate. This is why we support and inspire a range of social and cultural actions performed in Warsaw and the Company’s representatives are involved in public activity, among others by helping the children living in Warsaw’s children’s homes. Waryński Group provides intensive support also for sports initiatives. On the one hand, it engages in actions that are important to the local community, above all by participating in the “Making Women’s Basketball in Warsaw Shine Again” project executed by SKK Polonia Warsaw, while on the other hand it initiates various recreational and sports competitions and events for the Employees.

Corporate Social Responsibility is not an empty slogan for us. On the contrary, we are convinced that it is worth acting for the common good. Our commitment is proved by the following projects in which our Company participated.

We believe that both work and private life should bring satisfaction, develop and give pleasure. This is important in that it allows people to avoid unnecessary stress, misunderstandings and simple lack of motivation for further action. It is our task to create a friendly, safe, attractive and stimulating workplace.

Waryński Group also takes measures related to care for the environment. We have obtained the international BREEAM very good certificate for the EQlibrium office project but we put emphasis on the introduction of “green solutions” also in architectural concepts of residential projects. Environmental awareness is gradually instilled also among the Employees, above all by promoting the assumptions of “Green Office” or reducing the quantity of printouts of documentation in favour of electronic information and documentation workflow.

Waryński is a brand which regards ties with Warsaw, establishment of bonds among its citizens and respect for the history and tradition as crucial values. Therefore, it seems perfectly natural for the Company to support the Women’s Basketball Section (SKK) of Polonia Warsaw by involvement of EQlibrium, a member company of Waryński S.A. holding, as the Club Sponsor. SKK Polonia Warsaw is an exceptional club, which is built and created by people. The intention was that the community should be its owner. Such an approach promotes team work and collaboration and forms a particular bond between the members of the broadly understood club community. SKK Polonia is one of the most recognisable women’s basketball clubs in Poland, although the section was reactivated only in 2011 and the team is playing in the second tier of women’s league only for the second time in its “modern history”. All this was achieved thanks to the enormous joint involvement of athletes, volunteers and supporters of the club. The present basketball players of SKK continue the fantastic history of women’s basketball in Polonia Warsaw. In 2025, the women’s basketball section of Polonia Warsaw will celebrate its hundredth anniversary. The basketball players of Polonia Warsaw stood 12 times on the podium of the Championship of Poland, winning the gold medal twice and being the runners-up four times. The section’s history includes also outstanding patriotic attitudes and devotion to the independency cause during World War 2. Female basketball players affiliated with Polonia took an active part in the Warsaw Uprising: among others, Sława Szmid as a member of “Dysk” female troop in the Home Army, and Maria Kamecka as a Home Army messenger and medic in “Parasol” Battalion. Their example shows what excellent social role models the late female players of Polonia’s basketball section are and is the reason why it is the current mission of SKK Polonia Warsaw, apart from sports and social goals, to maintain and keep up the national tradition.

Boasting a rich tradition and over 60 years’ history, Waryński brand has become a permanent element of the economic landscape of Warsaw and now is one of the most recognisable symbols of the Wola district. That is why we strive for underlining the Company’s historical and present ties with Warsaw and its Wola district. Furthermore, we are engaged in artistic projects and other ones that are not related directly with the present area of specialisation of Waryński Group: · On 27 May 2013, Christian Jankowski, a German artist, executed in Warsaw his new work entitled “Heavy Weight History”, which combined art, history and sports in an unconventional way. The project was co-organised by the Polish Weightlifting Federation. Polish weightlifters contended with history and strength of their own muscles, trying to lift a few Warsaw’s monuments. We made a contribution to this undertaking ourselves by making available the monument of Ludwik Waryński and the site on which a part of the project was executed. The photo and video report of this action could be viewed at Christian Jankowski’s exhibition in Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art. · In November 2013, we gave the bronze bust of Ludwik Waryński to the Wola District Hall under a donation agreement. The monument has already been placed again at the corner of Bema and Kasprzaka streets.