The motto of Waryński S.A. Holding Group is: “Value from tradition, success in investment.” Our mission is to create a new spatial governance by building modern, eco-friendly, aesthetic, certified and smart residential and office spaces, as well as to manage and develop real properties, in particular those unnecessary for the primary business of PGZ Group companies, in such a manner that the Polish State Treasury could benefit from our activities as much as possible.

Moreover, we exercise corporate social responsibility (CSR), thus reinforcing the Company’s name and stimulating recognisability of the brand that takes into account social interests and protects the environment.

We are convinced that the responsibility for the Company’s future shared with the employees and their respect for work are the best sources of motivation and loyalty. We believe that traditional values translate into success.


Our vision is to establish a compact, effective and modern Holding Group, which will be the market leader in terms of quality of the products we offer and the services we provide. The rich history combined with collaboration and mutual support among all Group entities, led by Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa S.A., helps us accomplish that goal and increase our performance day by day.

Based on our many years’ presence in the broadly understood construction sector and the experience gained there and relying on strong equity foundations, we will consistently seize all market opportunities and develop our business.