ATOL first project in Gdańsk

26 September 2019

The centre of Gdańsk features the construction of a new residential project, first one executed independently by Waryński S.A. Holding Group. Atol project is a highly functional and modern building shape fitting in the architecture of Wilcza and Rzeźnicka streets. What is remarkable is the building façade imitating bricks and containing glass & aluminium components, highlighting the bold and prestigious nature of the real property that matches the nearby heritage buildings.

Modern but respecting tradition.

Atol project constitutes a continuation of the expansion of the Old Suburb, which was chosen by merchants as a natural extension of the Main City already in the 14th century. The building, along with adjacent facilities, creates a frontage along Wilcza street.

Cosy and intimate, yet with access to amenities.

Atol will be erected on a plot with the area of 2555 m2 and will offer 6922 m2 of usable floor space in total, which is divided into 65 flats and 6 retail units with a prominent square serving as an outdoor seating area for restaurants. The project provides studios with the area of 50–60 m2.

The high finishing standard, the perfect location: at the heart of the heritage part of Gdańsk, the proximity to public institutions and tourist attractions are reasons why the new project by Waryński S.A. Holding Group enjoys interest already at the construction stage. It will be completed in Q3 2020, according to the schedule.