EQ2 office project – new project of Waryński S.A. Holding Group.

27 September 2019

The construction of a new project of Waryński S.A. Holding Group, EQ² office building, will be launched already in September. This is a prestigious project involving a building located at the intersection of Juliana Konstantego Ordona and Wschowska streets, which is both modern and close to nature.


This single word may describe the idea that integrates EQ2 and constitutes the continuation of EQ office building (also known as Eqlibrium) already constructed nearby.

In the centre, yet close to nature.

The new project provides not only location among vegetated areas but also cares for bees thanks to the beehives specially designed on the roof.

In an office building, yet in an exceptional environment.

EQ2 is a modern, relatively small, office building, which was designed to provide a cosy and intimate atmosphere and build a pleasant climate.

Eight aboveground stories and two underground ones, 4306 m2 of usable floor space, numerous vegetated areas, location near the city centre, proximity to the Chopin Airport, Warszawa Zachodnia railway station, as well as the second metro line: all this makes EQ2 a comfortable and intimate building. Maintains a balance between modernity and comfort.

You can become part of this together with us and fit in the urban fabric of Wola district.